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Army Inter Unit Waterpolo Championships 2012

The Army Inter Unit Water Polo Championships will take place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Camberley Surrey on 03 July 2012.


The 2012 Championship will take the form of an Open Competition with no requirement to qualify through Divisional Championships. Closing date for entries will be 22 June 2012. Entry forms can be found at Annex A and Annex B to this letter at the bottom of this page or follow the links and should be returned to the Army Swimming Union office with the Entry fee (£30 per team – cheques made payable to Central Bank ASCB)

Competition Format

The Championships will comprise of male and female unit teams (7 players minimum), all units will compete on an equal footing (no classification according to size – Major / Minor).

The competition format (league / knock out) will be dictated by the number of entries, all matches will be played on 03 July 2012.


The Championships are open to regular and TA personnel. Players representing unit teams are to be on posted strength for 30 days prior to the start of the competition.

The Championships will be held in accordance with Federation Internationale de Natation(FINA) Laws and Technical Rules, along with the promoters (Army Swimming Union) conditions. All team captains are responsible for ensuring that players are conversant with the basic rules, which can be found on the FINA website.


Teams are required to provide their own personal equipment, which should include;

Water Polo hats numbered (red for Goalkeeper)
Trunks / Costumes
Box protection (males)
Programme / Timings

The programme has been formulated to allow for travel times so every effort should be made to adhere to the following timings;

03 July 2012

0830-0915hrs Team Registration
0920hrs  Competition Brief
0930hrs  Warm Up
1000hrs  Start Game 1
1700hrs  End of pool / knockout matches


Trophies will be awarded to the Winners and Runners up in both the Male and Female categories.

Accommodation and Messing

All units are responsible for their own arrangements for accommodation and messing. Transit accommodation in Aldershot is highly likely to be limited due to the Olympic Games, teams and individuals should use the following options if accommodation is required:

Longmoor Camp Bordon (30 mins)

Tel: 94291 3362 / 01420 483362

Fax:94291 3453 / 01420 483453

Team managers and individuals should use unit and personal contacts wherever possible for their accommodation and messing requirements.

Any problems regarding accommodation should be directed to the undersigned


Travel at Public Expense for swimmers/coaches only is authorised in accordance
with 2010DIN10-034.  Claims may be submitted for one journey travel to and one journey travel from the event only.

Costs are to be kept to the minimum necessary to meet the requirement, with transport being shared wherever possible.  Expenditure is closely monitored by the Programme Budget Wing APC Glasgow, which may challenge expenditure as appropriate.

Entry to RMAS

The Secretary ASU will work with the event sponsors at RMAS to make entry to RMAS as efficient as possible. All Team managers are requested to ensure all team members are in possession of MOD 90 and where possible named on Team Entry Forms (which should be sent to the Sec by 29 June 2012).


Any questions regarding this competition should be directed to the Secretary of the Army Swimming Union on 94 222 3581 or email


NL Pearce
Army Swimming Union
For Chairman




Attachment     JSP 907 – Accommodation Booking Request Longmoor and Brunswick